Nov 27

While there has been some fun times on Tumblr, Clique Vodka just released the new website and all future updates will be posted there! Click the bottle to visit the new!

Any questions? Hit me up! @CliqueVodka

Nov 23

If you are reading this post then chances are you are aware of the BlackOut that hit the Clique Vodka networks over the past couple weeks. The good news is, the BlackOut ended today. For months there has been talks of a change coming to Clique Vodka. The change was inevitable and although it was a tough decision, it was one that needed to be made. This is the change. Welcome to the new Clique Vodka - The New Black.

Over the past few months, the shelves have been clearing of the old Clique Vodka bottles in preparation for the release of these new bottles. Clique Vodka has upgraded and is here to change everything! Yes, the new bottles are black. No, the vodka is NOT black. In fact, Clique Vodka won multiple awards including 2 gold medals in 2012 so there is no way the vodka is changing. It’s simply too good.

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The change is not only with the bottle. There is a lot more to be released and shared. If you stop by later today you will notice the release of the completely new website. EVERYTHING you know about Clique Vodka is changing. The new website is going to feature a wide array of new cocktails and martinis, an updated version of #CliqueShots, and much more!

If you stop by the Facebook or Twitter page you will notice all updated imagery. Again, everything is changing!

For the iPhone users out there, check out the brand new DrinkyPal app for Free! The new DrinkyPal app not only supports #CliqueShots, it still provides you with a safe alternative to avoiding drinking and driving. The DrinkyPal app not only can find you the nearest cab, you can also find and book a nearby hotel if needed.

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There will be many more updates throughout the day, for now enjoy Black Friday! If you like the upgrade to Clique Vodka, share the news with a friend!

Nov 17

A few weeks ago, I was perusing the local fruit stand when I came across a peculiar little fruit I had never seen before.  It was shaped like a tiny purplish green pear, but had soft flesh like a peach. Being the adventurous eater that I am, I bought one, took a bite and was immediately blown away. Could this really be the same fruit that that has been hidden away inside my Newton cookies all these years?  It tasted so different!  With a distinct sweetness inside, reminiscent of honey, I immediately started brainstorming how to get it into my glass, and after a few minutes of experimenting, the “Fig-ticious” was born!

Start by removing the stem from a fresh fig, and dropping it into a cocktail tin with 4 or 5 ripe blackberries.  Add 1 ¼ oz Clique Vodka and muddle, by pressing repeatedly with a cocktail muddler to quickly infuse the fruit flavors into the vodka while turning the fruit into a pulp. Add a scoop of ice, ¼ oz simple syrup (1 part sugar dissolved in 1 part hot water), and 2 oz cranberry juice.  Shake well to chill, and strain into a rocks glass. I highly recommend that you pick up a couple of these mysterious little fruits before the season is over, and don’t forget to tag your Instagram pics with #Cliqueshots so the rest of the world can see how delicious fresh figs really are!

Nov 16

We are halfway through the #BlackOut! In one week, everything changes! Keep on sending in the #CliqueShots! Every week we feature a random picture from #CliqueShots and feature the picture on Clique Vodka’s Facebook. All you have to do is upload some #CliqueShots while you are out enjoying Clique Vodka.

This week’s pic come from Instagram user: @hernameinblood! She gets to have her picture featured for the last 7 days of the #BlackOut! Enjoy!

After the #BlackOut is over in 7 days, the #CliqueShots page on will be up and operating again. For now you can view the 1000+ photos HERE!

Nov 09

Just because we launched the #BlackOut, that does not mean that the #CliqueShots stopped! Every week we feature a random picture from #CliqueShots and feature the picture on Clique Vodka’s Facebook. All you have to do is upload some #CliqueShots while you are out enjoying Clique Vodka.

This week’s pic come from Instagram user: @bkimberling! She gets to have her picture featured for the first 7 days of the #BlackOut!

After the #BlackOut is over in 14 days, the #CliqueShots page on will be up and operating again. For now you can view the 1000+ photos HERE!

Been to a Wine & Spirits store lately? Was the store sold out of Clique Vodka? Some people may have told you that the stores stopped carrying Clique Vodka, that is untrue and all explained HERE!

Today, you may notice some changes with the imagery across all of Clique Vodka's networks. This is probably raising some questions in your head. If you continue reading on, some of these questions will be answered for you.

Where you will see the biggest change is on If you visit today you will notice a live countdown. You may also notice the picture posted from Clique Vodka’s Facebook page today as well. What you are seeing across all of the networks is the BlackOut.

As of today, there is a 14 day BlackOut rolling out across all of Clique Vodka's networks. Why is this BlackOut happening you may ask….. In 14 days you will find out. As previously posted, changes are coming and the current product you have been seeing for the past couple years will be gone forever. If you are fortunate enough to have visited a store that still has product, get it, because after the BlackOut you will never see those bottles again!

There is light at the end of this tunnel though. For now, keep in touch with @CliqueVodka and visit to see the live countdown as well as sign up to be first notified of the new release. During the BlackOut, #CliqueShots will still be operational so keep tagging #CliqueShots on your Instagram pix!

Oct 04

Today is National Vodka Day! Oh yes, we do plan to celebrate as we hope you will too! In order to fully savor the occasion, we would like to introduce you to how Clique Vodka was born, and why it is changing the vodka industry with such a distinctive flavor profile and astonishing smoothness.

On a search to find one of the world’s greatest vodka, it made perfect sense to focus on a part of the world where the best vodka is made. The search started in the Eastern European region surrounding the north east border of Russia, dubbed The Vodka Belt. Neighboring the wine and beer belts of Europe, the vodka belt is a group of countries that have a very rich independent cultures dedicated to the traditional methods of distilling, and includes: the Nordic States of Finland, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, and Greenland, the Baltic states of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania, as well as Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, and of course, the vodka motherland, Russia. While examining the available ingredients in these areas, we learned that the natural spring water of Latvian Forests is regarded as one of the best natural water sources in the world, and decided to take a closer look.

Upon visiting the Latvian countryside, we were amazed to experience how the terrain of a country contributes so much to the complexity of vodka. We sampled vodka made from premium European wheat grains fermented in Latvian spring water, and immediately fell in love with the body, texture and astounding smoothness of this exceptional combination. As soon as our translator clarified that the Russian owner was explaining that they only distill with the highest regarded methods, Russian Standard Production, we knew that this special formula was meant to be enjoyed with friends, and Clique Vodka was born!

And that brings us to today, National Vodka Day, the best time to enjoy the world’s favorite spirit. We are inviting all of you to partake in our National Vodka Day Toast, happening tonight at 6:00pm EST, where Clique Vodka drinkers everywhere will be simultaneously taking a chilled shot of Clique Vodka. In order to fully appreciate the experience, our Lead Mixologist at Premier Innovations Group, Tara Shinn, gives these words of advice:
    “The most common misconception when tasting vodka is that it should be flavorless. First take a tiny sip and let it roll around your mouth. Take note of the creamy texture, and exhale through your nose to enhance the crisp mineral qualities. Swallow, take the rest of the shot straight down, and experience the smooth aftertaste that makes Clique Vodka stand apart from other brands.
Hold your shots up high tonight, and toast to what could be considered one of the most under-rated holidays in the world! Share your National Vodka Day Toast with the rest of the world on Instagram, just tag #CliqueShots! Check HERE to see other’s who toasted to National Vodka Day!

May 30

Ever want to go backpacking through Europe? A group of friends from a college in Pittsburgh are in Europe right now leaving behind the story of their trip via the #CliqueShots Instagram feature on! On a 21 day adventure all over Europe, they are spreading the word about Clique Vodka and sharing their journey with the world! Stay tuned to #CliqueShots for more!

May 04

With Cinco de Mayo coming up this weekend, there is no doubt most of us will be celebrating, so I thought it would be nice to give you little something new to try when you get tired of all those boring shots your friends will continuously order. This is a tasty shot, that will no doubt revive your singed taste buds and will also give you a little pick-me-up when you need one. And of course it’s green!

The Q Bomb is easy to make at home before you go out, and even easier to order wherever you decide to get your Cinco on. The combination of Clique Vodka and energy drink it always a good combo, but when you add a little green melon liqueur and a splash of pineapple, they counteract that sweet tart taste and take it to a whole new level.

Q Bomb
½ oz Clique Vodka
½ oz Midori (or green melon liqueur)
1 oz Chilled Red Bull (or energy drink)
Splash pineapple juice

Fill a cocktail tin halfway with ice, and add equal parts Clique Vodka and green melon liqueur. Add a splash of pineapple juice and shake until cold. Strain into a glass and top off with energy drink.  -Always add anything carbonated AFTER you shake a cocktail, unless you really love smelling like vodka.

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